The Vitality model

Vitality modelThe concept of the corporate life cycle provides a framework to understand the dynamics of change. It gives guidance to analyze how the organization’s vitality suits the specific circumstances and ambitions of the company. To detect how fit it is for the future. To determine whether a change is needed in the way it works today. And to set the right direction when a change is necessary.

Vitality signs can be registered directly. They can serve as an ‘early warning system’ for progress or stagnation. Other indicators of an organization’s success, like cash flow, profit, growth and market share – or more sophisticated varieties of these measures – are all, strictly speaking, results which follow after the actual events have taken place and therefore present a time lag before measures can be taken. Being able to diagnose an organization’s position on the life cycle and to manage its vitality is a valuable asset for managers, CEO’s and stockholders.