These are exciting times. Organizations are faced with complicated challenges, but also with countless new opportunities. Many things are developing all at once. Sharp eyes and quick responses are vital. This is
why this booklet is entitled Rush Hour!

What’s going on at a management level?
The speed and complexity of developments are increasing while your freedom of movement is decreasing. More and more the outside world is making inroads. What are some of the things that can happen to you?
 Your new strategy has become obsolete within a year, new products don’t take off.
 You are suddenly faced with new competition from angles you never even considered.
 You have just reorganized and have to reorganize again.
 Your bank is no longer a business partner but has become your greatest enemy.
 You are forced to grow and shrink at the same time.
 The outside world learns about incidents before you do.
Managerial challenges are becoming more complex and more layered.

You can no longer act as if you have all the power and wisdom, you have to ‘judiciously move along’ with changes. To understand what is happening around you, to ensure a broad view and execution strength of action around you, to keep your teams on their toes, fresh and vital.

This booklet was written for anyone who is actively involved with management and organization within organizations. It is intended to be a recognizable and inspiring resource. It is based on my 2011 dissertation, in a different format.
My aim is for it to be engaging and recognizable, and to provide useful insights and solutions that can be applied in the field.

The booklet itself has been kept compact. Further reading on its contents and scientific background, and tools for analysis and more in-depth studies can be found on the website

My thanks go out to everyone who has thought and read along with me.
I hope you enjoy reading my work!

August 2015, Baarn,
Freek Peters